In the realm of the construction industry, surveyors hold a pivotal role.

Building surveyors serve as linchpins in various projects, ranging from private housing restoration to advising on expansive commercial endeavours.


Surveyors hold a pivotal role in the construction industry. 

Their work ranges from private housing restoration to advising clients on commercial strategy. 


Building surveyors typically evaluate the quality of residential, public, and commercial properties. 

Their primary focus lies in identifying opportunities for improvement, and so they offer recommendations for repair, maintenance, or restoration. 

Beyond this, building surveyors contribute to new development plans and oversee the maintenance of property with historical or architectural significance.

The job of a building surveyor involves spending time on-site and scrutinising specific elements of buildings as well as addressing environmental concerns. Their duties also extend to assisting with planning applications and managing contractors on behalf of clients.


Building surveyors are often tasked with the following:

  • Building Pathology: identifying defects and determining the condition of existing structures.
  • Health & Safety: advising on environmental, health, and safety issues related to buildings.
  • Energy Standards: reviewing thermal performance
  • Heritage: delving into the history and character of older structures. 
  • Quality Control: verifying that a building is fit for human habitation.
  • Administrative: managing planning and building regulations applications.
  • Practical Advice: providing insight on the methodology behind property alterations, improvements, and extensions.
  • Project Management: ensuring projects are to be completed on time and within budget.

Building surveyors often collaborate with contractors and advise clients. Their role in projects is fairly versatile and hands-on. 

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