A roof survey focuses on your roof and is essentially a Specific Defect Report. You may need such a service for the following reasons:


  • Defects: you suspect there are problems in the roof structure (e.g. damp penetration) and need to find out what is going on.
  • Insurance: evidence to your insurance company that the roof requires repair or replacement.
  • Landlord: persuade the freeholder(s) that they need to invest in the upkeep of the building.
  • Valuation: find out how much it costs to bring the property up to market value.

Beware of obtaining quotes from contractors who may charge you extortionate fees for potentially unnecessary repairs. This is why a roof survey conducted by an independent surveyor will help you establish what exactly is wrong, how to fix it and at what estimated budget.

Frequently asked questions

What is a roof survey?

Visual inspection of the roof takes place subject to access being made available by the owner/occupier. Pole cameras can also be used in harder to reach areas, particularly for elements such as guttering or the chimney stack. The report should discuss:

  • life expectancy of the roof
  • what defects were uncovered
  • different remedial options available to you
  • costs associated with repair or renewal

How do I take action against a contractor?

You can use the report to substantiate a claim, which your solicitor should make against their professional indemnity cover if they are at fault, and use an expert witness service to elaborate on any findings or questions raised by the other side.