The largest panel of multi-disciplinary surveyors in the UK.

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“I am so happy we went through Survey Merchant, who found us the best surveyor we could’ve hoped for in helping us with our house purchase. Thank you!”

Kate & John

“Our surveyor managed to find all sorts of defects in a property we were looking to buy and this helped us save thousands of pounds in the asking price. Well done!“


"The valuations we received allowed us to determine what we should put the house on the market for and that's how we sold very quickly as a result.“


“Our neighbours were conducting party wall works and we appointed a surveyor through Survey Merchant, who resolved matters very well for us. Would use again."

Steve & Mary

“The project management surveyor we had from Survey Merchant helped us enormously with the extension and refurbishment. We managed to save massively on time and budget. Highly recommended!"



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We have no legal ties to any estate agents, banks or building societies, meaning that we offer a more impartial service than many surveying practices. Your surveyor solely represents you and has a reputation to uphold, which is founded on technical competence and good customer service.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a surveyor?

Surveyors are property professionals who work across various advisory roles related to land, property, and construction.

Their responsibilities typically encompass examining buildings for structural defects, as well as appraising properties in residential/rural and commercial sectors. They are adept at estimating the potential costs of necessary repairs or remedial work on a building and can offer guidance on environmental impacts.

Surveyors conduct thorough assessments before compiling detailed reports. These reports can help you make informed decisions regarding property negotiations and purchases, mortgage applications, insurance, refurbishment, etc. See the range of services as described on our website.

Why do I need a surveyor?

A majority of properties in London, irrespective of their market value or age, often have issues that demand attention. It can be disconcerting to invest substantially in a dwelling, only to discover the need for extensive and costly repairs.

To mitigate risks to both your finances and your family's well-being, consider engaging our panel of surveyors. The services they provide give you the tools needed to ascertain a property's condition and true value in order to negotiate a fair price if you are buying. Otherwise, you may require more, say, legal or project management related work, which is what a surveyor can also assist you with.

You capitalise on the surveyor’s advice by saving on time as well as costs with professional guidance.

Does my surveyor need to be chartered?

There are a variety of regulators, such as RICS, CIOB, CIAT, CABE, etc. all of whom certify their members as chartered. This can help with quality assurance, but it is optional as many surveyors work on knowledge and experience alone in order to suitably advise their clients. This is why there are also other membership bodies, such as RPSA.

All that is generally required is for the service to be to an industry standard and for surveyors to be covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Does my surveyor need to have PI cover?

You should only instruct a surveyor who has professional indemnity insurance and we recommend you ask them to provide this proof prior to instruction in order to verify that it is active and up to date.

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