Party Wall
Apr 26, 2024

Why You Should Appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to Serve Notice

You might think that drafting your own party wall notices will save you money, but it often has the opposite effect...


You might think that drafting your own party wall notices will save you money, but it often has the opposite effect. If your neighbour receives a notice that looks like it’s been cobbled together on your laptop or downloaded from the internet, they’ll probably worry. They’re likely to ask a surveyor for advice, who might suggest that their fees be paid by you and then appointed by your neighbour.

On the other hand, if property owners receive a proper notice from a chartered surveyor or other accredited party wall surveyor, they are more likely to consent or, if not, agree to using the same surveyor in order to avoid dual fees.


Most of the notices that owners or builders prepare are invalid. Properly serving a notice requires technical and legal expertise that most owners do not have. When the surveyor appointed by your neighbour scrutinises it and tells them it’s invalid (which is usually when it’s discovered), it will have to be served again. This means more costs for you and could also cause significant delays in starting any work.


Bringing in a party wall surveyor at an early stage can make things easier and save you money in various ways:

  • Thorough Documentation: party wall surveyors have the experience to ensure that all of the necessary details are included in a notice so as to limit acrimonious disputes; they can also draft a schedule of condition so no unfounded claims for damage can be made.
  • Expert Advice: party wall surveyors regularly spot minor design changes that would not affect the quality of your works but involve considerable construction strength whilst keeping sufficient site access.
  • Speeding up Timescales: in flats where there are multiple properties, experienced party wall surveyors can sequence service of notices so as to speed up the party wall procedure.


Both monetary and non-monetary costs are associated with the. Professional communication with neighbours is vital to maintaining good relationships. Knowing that an expert has been appointed as party wall surveyor and will therefore be making the party wall award can help to soothe worries when it comes to resolving the dispute.