Party Wall
Apr 30, 2024

When do I need to serve Party Wall Notices?

The earlier, the better, provided you have the relevant drawings...


The sooner the better provided you have them. Your party wall surveyor will need a section drawing of your foundation if you are excavating. Once you've had these drafted, include them in the notices to be served on your neighbours.

Legal Requirement

Serving party wall notices is a legal requirement before notifiable construction work can start and the process leading up to this point can also cause delays, so it's advisable to start as soon as possible taking into consideration things like technical queries and party wall surveyor availability.

Notice Periods

The Act dictates fixed notice periods: 1 month for adjacent excavation or new walls and 2 months for work affecting a party structure. They usually don't matter much especially where some adjoining owners might consent if the works are very low risk. Surveyors can not however waive notice periods unless authorised by the owners.


You can talk to your neighbours about the changes you plan to make before you give them any notice. This’ll just give them a heads up and let them know what might happen. It is also recommended that they be told when detailed drawings are ready so they get a better idea of what it’s going to look like. 


If your building is close or at the boundary, trial pits may need to be dug before any notice goes out.


Sure, anybody can draft and serve party wall notices but anyone who has practised under the Party Wall Act knows accuracy and validity is what matters most. So give