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Apr 26, 2024

What Is The Average Survey Cost In 2024?

In the UK, it is advisable to carry out a property survey when purchasing a house. The building survey will help you...

In the UK, it is advisable to carry out a property survey when purchasing a house. The building survey will help you identify faults in the property. So, what is the average survey cost in 2024? 

There is no definite answer as the price range of surveys done varies considerably based on type and value of property. This detailed guide examines various types of surveys, provides an average cost for each type and discusses them extensively.

Home Survey Level 1: Condition Report

The report highlights the condition of a property and identifies any urgent issues in respect of its physical flaws or risks. The Level One condition report tends to focus on standard properties and those that are relatively new, which is why it can list all defects without giving recommendations on how they should be repaired. The average survey costs for Level One fall between £300 and £900.

Home Survey Level 2: Homebuyer Report

Level Two home surveys otherwise known to many people as a Home Buyers’ report is suitable only for traditional houses with simplistic design forms and a reasonable condition (e.g. where properties do not have several additions or renovations). In addition to this, there are more specific details about your prospective purchase with recommendations for maintaining or repairing it afterwards. Costs average around £500 to £1,000. 

Home Survey Level 3: Building Survey

The most extensive form of home survey is Level Three, which was previously called a Full Structural Survey but is now called a Full Building Survey. It gives you a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the condition of your property while suggesting ways to correct defects, maintain them and undertake repairs. If you are looking at extensive renovations or working on an old dilapidated house or if you have a property classed as non-standard forms of construction or then you would be best served by going for a Level Three home survey.

The average cost of carrying such surveys usually lies between £600 and £1,500 due to variables like size of property and its complexity.

Compare types of Home Survey

Table 1.1: The table provides a comparison of the key aspects of Home Survey Levels 1, 2, and 3.

Do I need a survey when buying a house?

It is not mandatory in England and Wales to commission a survey before you purchase a property. However, it is strongly advisable. This will enable you to decide whether or not to buy the property with far-reaching financial implications. As someone who would wish to become the owner of the house, you will benefit from professional opinions regarding its condition by obtaining a surveying service. If you have a Home Survey carried out by a surveyor via Survey Merchant, you can be sure that what they provide you with will be impartial and trustworthy. The money you spend on a survey is worth it. 

What next after getting your report?

It’s important to read through the report carefully to understand the faults found in the survey. The surveyor is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the results. This knowledge comes in handy when choosing whether repairs are needed.

Options After Bad Survey Results

  • Pull Out of Sale: you can decide not to buy if there are major/expensive issues which are cost-prohibitive.
  • Talk With Seller: you may ask the seller either to fix these defects prior to exchange or discuss a new purchase price based on repair costs. 

Finding out the Price

The average cost for different types of surveys might vary depending on various factors such as the value of the property. Therefore, you first need to know which type is best suited to your needs. The average cost of property surveys in England ranges between £300 - £1500. Survey Merchant offers diverse options for residential inspections at affordable prices. What is the right kind of survey conducted in UK? Contact Survey Merchant today and book your property survey.