Property Insights: A HomeBuyer Survey Example Guide

A Homebuyer survey is an important stage in the process of buying a house which can provide useful details about...

A Homebuyer survey is an important stage in the process of buying a house which can provide useful details about the condition of a property. It pays close attention to the visible parts such as walls, floors etc. and identifies any problems regarding its structural integrity.

We found that 87% of buyers had their homes inspected by a professional surveyor before purchase in 2023. House Buyer Bureau research found out that those who did not undertake a survey later discovered faults and these repairs cost them £5,750 on average.

A Homebuyer survey identifies issues that might affect the value, safety or enjoyment of living in it, thus permitting buyers to acquire such information before they make their purchase.

HomeBuyer Survey Example

The HomeBuyer Survey is a comprehensive assessment. Typically it consists of three major sections: Property Overview, Detailed Examination, and Report Highlights as outlined below:

RICS HomeBuyer Surveys

The RICS HomeBuyer Survey is a comprehensive assessment conducted by RICS professionals to provide an expert account of a property's condition. The report includes an in-depth visual inspection of the property and highlights any problems using a 'traffic light' rating system. Example descriptions include the following:

About the Property

The property under scrutiny here might be a detached double storey house believed to have been built approximately in 1980s with pitched plain concrete tiles on its main roof. The elevations are made up of reconstituted cavity stonework which has partly been finished with uPVC panelling. Flooring consists of both solid and suspended timber. On the right hand side of the building is an integral garage. 

Different Types of Home Surveys

Different homes require different types of surveys, and the RICS Home Survey offers three levels of assessment: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, each tailored to specific property types and conditions.

HomeBuyer Survey Importance

One major step in that process is a HomeBuyer Survey. Here are some reasons why you would want to have a Homebuyer survey:

  • Identifying Potential Issues: by surveying the property the surveyor can identify problems which could not only affect its condition but also have financial implications for the buyer.
  • Peace of Mind and Planning for Future Repairs: it offers closer scrutiny on any faults or damage to the property in order to assist buyers with planning for future repairs. Budgeting makes purchasing feel satisfying.
  • Negotiating Power: if there are significant repairs that need to be done, then purchasers may choose to renegotiate the price of the property. This helps them avoid surprises that will cost them repair bills in the future.
  • Mortgage Requirements and Legal Protection: in most cases mortgage lenders insist on seeing a survey on a property so that they can be sure it is worth what they are lending on. 
  • Choosing the Right Surveyor: the selection of a competent surveyor is essential. One way to obtain expert and impartial advice on property is to have a survey done by an RICS-registered firm, however, it should be noted that RICS regulation is optional since there are many other regulators in this sector (CIOB, RPSA etc.) and some the best surveyors can offer high-quality services without having to be regulated/accredited.


Homebuyer Surveys are important when purchasing properties because they help identify any potential defects likely to affect its value, safety or livability. Being proactive and informed about property transactions is vital. HomeBuyer Surveys or Full Building Surveys provide peace of mind to purchasers and allow them make better decisions about their purchases.