Building Surveying
Apr 26, 2024

Latest Trends in UK Building Surveyor Jobs

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in building surveying in the UK? The increasing demand for building surveyor jobs...

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in building surveying in the UK? The increasing demand for building surveyor jobs makes it a prospective field. They evaluate properties, indicate shortcomings and provide expert advice on property matters. It is an attractive profession, from residential houses to commercial buildings.

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), there is a forecasted rise of 11% new full-time permanent positions for building surveyors in the UK by 2023 and 2027 that will be driven by increased home improvement projects and new builds.

Building surveyor jobs have been explored as well as what it takes to become one and latest trends within the building surveying industry – all within this blog post.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Skills Preferred: This might include hands-on building work (contracting) as well as commercial portfolio management. 
  2. Accreditation: Membership to regulatory bodies which give you post-nominals such as MRICS, CIOB or MRPSA are often sought. 
  3. Experience: Not less than five years experience is best.
  4. Work Flexibility: Hybrid work models such as Employer Active 5 Days allow remote working while maintaining connection among the employees.
  5. Sustainability Focus: In construction operations, building surveyors are pivotal towards propagation of eco-friendly practices and minimizing environmental implications.
  6. Continuous Learning: For professional advancement purposes lectures hosted by professionals in the industry whom you can find through various networking platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.
  7. Impactful Career: The role played by building surveyors is quite significant since they help keep high standards expected in the built environment.

What is a Building Surveyor?

Building surveyors are professionals who assess structures ranging from residential homes to public projects and commercial premises alike.

What concerns them most? Finding better ways. Whether it’s about repair options or maintenance approaches or even restoration plans; people go to them when they need help on how to make their buildings more durable.

However, building pathology does not solely define their role. They have knowledge concerning new developments in construction as well as protection of historic and architecturally relevant structures.

What they do: On-site, they examine building elements closely, considering various environmental aspects. Apart from that, they also supervise contractors working on a project and provide advice as to client’s applications for planning permission for new buildings.

Opportunities in Building Surveyor Jobs

Building surveyor jobs have numerous possibilities for individuals who desire to make an impact in the building and property management industry. These professionals are responsible for assessing the quality of buildings across multiple segments such as housing estates, public schemes or commercial premises. They strive to find ways of making improvements so that structures comply with safety regulations , meet legal requirements and be structurally sound.

Building surveyors have been necessary professionals in today’s changing world of construction and property management.  Urban regeneration projects and environmentally friendly construction techniques are influenced by building surveying considerably.

They have a vast knowledge base on how to check if a structure is okay, pointing out possible problems or imperfections, and these experts can ensure any defects are identified, reported upon and remedied where required.

Hybrid Remote Work and EmployerActive 5 Days

In this dynamic work environment, hybrid remote positions are increasingly desired by many employers.

Spencer Craig Partnership - a top recruitment firm specializing in vacancies of Building Surveyors – believes that flexibility is key to achieving work-life balance.

This is where EmployerActive 5 Days comes into play: employees enjoy flexible working hours while remaining engaged with colleagues during virtual meetings with team members at remote locations or home offices in different parts of the country.

Expertise in Tiling, Flooring, Decorating, Carpentry, and More

A lot of building surveyor jobs require various skills and knowledge on different trades including brick-laying, flooring, decorating, carpentry etc. At Survey Merchant we understand the significance of having professionals who have worked practically in these trades.

Our team appreciates individuals with a sound mind and hands-on approach in the provision of good quality building surveys. Their work involves property conditions assessment, maintenance strategy advice or project management of renovations. Surveyors consider every bit of detail from conception to implementation when describing repair plans.

Building Control and Project Management

Building surveyors are responsible for ensuring that construction works meet the set regulations and standards. They play an important role in construction projects oversight as well as planning applications and so having specialist knowledge in building control and project management is vital.

Trending News and Research

  • Sustainable Practices and Environmental Impact:  OneEducation’s recent research showed the importance placed on sustainability resilience by buildings surveyors involved in construction projects. It also outlines the fact that Building Surveyors play an active role towards conservation by recommending eco-friendly materials as well as how to minimise energy consumption and environmental impact thus supporting global sustainable development.
  • Regional Demand and Infrastructure Projects: On this note Staffordshire has issued a report highlighting rising demands for building surveyors due to infrastructure projects across their region. In addition there are several big developments happening including transportation upgrades and urban regeneration schemes that require experienced people to do assessments of buildings alongside regulation compliance.

Expert Insights and Career Advice

Navigating through complexities that come with building surveyor jobs requires blending technical knowhow, industry knowledge and strategy. Building surveyors may also keep themselves up to date with the latest building construction trends and regulations in order to effectively assess quality and safety of structures. Similarly, having a strong professional network can open doors for career growth as well as mentoring.

Aspiring building surveyors could enhance their credentials by obtaining accredited certifications such as from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) or Residential Property Surveyors (RPSA). They not only boost credibility but also broaden career opportunities within these fields.

Getting the Job

In the ever-changing world of construction and property management, building surveying is responsible for maintaining integrity and sustainability in built environment. Building surveyors ensure that buildings meet regulatory requirements and are safe for occupancy through their expertise. Additionally they contribute towards resource efficiency implementation of sustainable practices hence promoting eco-friendly methods in construction.

Moreover, remaining up-to-date on what’s happening, obtaining the right certification and building a strong network can enable those wishing to become building surveyors to chart a path towards a well paid and influential contract in this rapidly changing industry.

Are you ready for any of the journeys as a building surveyor? Places to find your ideal building surveying job include job boards such as or Gov Direct whether you are in London or beyond.