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Apr 26, 2024

How Much Does a Home Report Cost?

Are you thinking of selling your house in the UK? Do you want to know how much a home report costs? Well, the prices of...

Are you thinking of selling your house in the UK? Do you want to know how much a home report costs? Well, the prices of these reports will vary depending on the house.

Recent research indicates that average costs range between £500 and £900; nevertheless, factors like size of property, value, its age or its condition can affect the final price. 

In this blog post we are going to cover everything you should know about home reports - why they matter, what determines their cost and how to ensure one gets best value out of them.

Cost of Home Reports in Scotland

Home report pricing varies according to several factors. Typically, a home report concerns the following:

  1. Inspection:
    1. This is conducted by a qualified surveyor.
    2. It assesses conditions affecting the valuation of the property.
    3. Cost can be influenced by the complexity of the building.
  1. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC):
    1. This is used for the evaluation of energy efficiency and carbon emissions produced by any building structure.
    2. It provides information relating to possible energy-saving improvements.
    3. While lower in cost compared to a single survey it remains a precondition nonetheless.
  1. Property Questionnaire:
    1. These are completed by the sellers themselves.
    2. They may include council tax banding information, alterations done over time as well as well as details relating to utilities.
    3. This process does not have a separate charge but forms part and parcel of the home report.

The total cost for all these elements may range from around £300 to about £1k but again prices may change due to a variety of sizes/location/value based on properties.

The Typical Cost of Home Reports By Property Value

Who Pays for the Home Report?

The seller of the house pays for the Home Report. The Home Report must be completed before a listing can be made on the market; typically this involves organizing payment with the surveyor prior to visitation.

Payment for the Home Report is often arranged over the phone and credit or debit card details provided for processing. In some cases payment may not be collected by the surveyor before he visits but he will demand it on or prior to issuing a draft report. All obligatory fees are paid for the final copy of the home report to be released.

What's Included in the Cost?

To ascertain this value you have to consider everything included within one home report cost. Inside and outside your dwelling including garages as well outbuildings to be inspected by a surveyor during his or her visit. Gardens plus any land such as paddocks that accompany homes too shall be considered. A home report also contains an energy performance certificate (EPC), property questionnaire and inspection report including an appraisal of the property’s value.

Cost vs. Value Report 2023

According to the 2023 cost vs. value report, the cost of home remodeling went down and so did its value due to market fluctuations in various projects. This report is based on data that was compiled at the end of 2022. Consider national economic factors in Cost vs. Value. For example, the supply chain stabilised since the pandemic and costs fell by an average 7.3% year-on-year.

Overall Opinion on Home Report Costs

Home Report costs can vary depending on a number of factors such as property size, age, location and its value. The Scottish price range for Home Reports is commonly around £400-500 on average but Home Surveys are usually higher for England at around £500-900 plus VAT. For Scotland it is the seller who bears the cost of having a Home Report completed before putting their property on the market whereas in England it is the buyer who purchases a Home Survey.