Building Surveying
Apr 26, 2024

How Can I Find the Right Surveyor?

Do you require a surveyor but do not know where to begin? Choosing a well-qualified and experienced one is very important...

Do you require a surveyor but do not know where to begin? Choosing a well-qualified and experienced one is very important if you want your project or house purchase to go smoothly. Here, we will delve deep into how to find the right surveyor for your specific requirements.

Choosing the Best Surveyor

In selecting a surveyor, it is important to look at their experience, knowledge and type of surveying they specialise in. Below are some ways through which you can identify the right surveyors:


This means you want them to have experience in the relevant type of surveying work you require. Surveying work encompasses full building surveys to valuation, party wall, expert witness, project management, boundary surveys, topographic surveys, etc. So, you want to ensure that they can do what you require.

Licensing and Certification

You would hire an RICS regulated chartered surveyor for Level 2 HomeBuyer Surveys and Valuation Reports whereas you can hire any surveyor with sufficient experience for a Level 3 survey. Other respectable accreditation includes CIOB and RPSA, but this is not mandatory, particularly for snagging surveys or party wall surveys.

Equipment and Technology

The accuracy and efficiency of any given survey can be highly influenced by equipment and technology. For instance, the use of GPS systems and drones allows land officers to give more exact measurements, marking out corners on detailed surveys to plan projects thoroughly.


Effective communication skills are necessary for any surveyor working with clients. The survey report will identify issues you may wish to discuss, so you want a surveyor who can explain things clearly to you in Plain English. 


Ask the surveyor for references from previous clients. By speaking with former clients, you will have an idea on how dependable, professional and competent the surveyor is in reality. Don’t be afraid to contact referees and ask them specific questions regarding their experience with the surveyor.

Where Will I Find A Surveyor?

When buying a property it is important to find a good surveyor so that your transaction proceeds according to plan. Here are some of the ways you can find reputable and best-suited surveyors who can help:

Online Directories

Use online platforms such as Survey Merchant to locate surveyors in your area. You will find this service has been developed to make it easy for Homebuyers to find a reputable residential property surveyor who matches their needs.

Local Business Directories

Go through local business directories online where you will be able to find out if there are any surveyors operating within your location. They provide contact information and describe the surveyor services offered.

Professional Associations

Check whether the person is a member of any reputable UK professional institution such as Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), or the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA). This demonstrates commitment towards the highest levels of professionalism.

When do I Need a Surveyor?

Knowing when to hire a surveyor is vital because it helps in obtaining all the necessary information about a property before making a purchase. You may need to enlist the services of a surveyor for these properties:

New-Build Property

Normally, when you buy a new build house, you will require what’s called a Snagging Survey that lists any faults or defects in construction or finishing of your house. Moreover, even though there are fewer chances for major issues with new builds, some buyers choose a HomeBuyers Report for extra security.

Conventional and Fairly New Property

For well-maintained modern homes, a Home Condition Report is usually enough. This report gives a broad outline of any significant issues but does not go into great depth.

Properties Less Than 50 Years Old

Usually, if the property is relatively recent and constructed out of conventional materials and under 50 years in age then it would be best advised to go with the HomeBuyer Report. It costs less than a full structural survey but covers most essential points.

Properties Over 50 Years Old

Typically an older building or a dilapidated one requiring substantial renovations will need a Full Building Survey. It is a detailed report which includes factors such as state of repair and any potential issues associated with its structure.


You want to get the best surveyor for your property so as to avoid disappointment in the purchase. Conducting research, using portals such as Survey Merchant, and knowing what survey you need will help you engage a surveyor who possesses the requisite knowledge and experience thereby avoiding costly mistakes.

Always remember to check out the credentials and reputation of surveyors before instructing them and if necessary seek referrals from trusted sources. These tips will help you find a good surveyor and allow you to rest assured that your property is in good hands.